Fratelli Pasqualino

Selling of authentic italian vegetables


Our production is focused on: tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, zucchini, lettuce.


We can deliver directly to our customers' sales outlets after selection and processing.


Our company aims to standardize high levels of safety.

Best production

Why trust Us

The company is born from the will of the two brothers Giuseppe and Franco Pasqualino who, through the experience gained in years of agricultural activity, have decided to create a synergy that can satisfy every need in the vegetable production sector.

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Fratelli Pasqualino

Our company covers an area of 83 hectares, of which 41 employees are covered in greenhouses. About 90% of these soils are covered with newly constructed metal and faylon greenhouses.

In addition, the company has a masonry burial facility as well as an office for administrative management.

The company also has three lorries for the transport of its own products and six wheeled tractors with its ground handling equipment.

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